Fall 2019 Special Guests

We are honored to have these two fantastic guests at our 2019 Fall  October Italy Retreats!

Meet Jo Packham

Jo won't be able to join us this fall !! she has some VERY IMPORTANT Duties you will all see why this fall! !.. We will sure miss you Jo, but VERY Excited for your  exciting News !  ....

 Meet Celeste Shaw

As the guest editor-in-chief of Where Women Cook's first ever holiday issue (a nationally distributed glossy magazine), Celeste was busy contacting sources, coordinating photography and overseeing content that went to press well ahead of the winter season. 
This all took place in addition to her roles as the owner of the west Spokane restaurant and bakery Chaps Coffee Co. and the boutique Lucky Vintage & Pretty Things.  Celeste also works part-time as a nurse and is co-owner of Paper and Cup cafe in Kendall Yards, a neighborhood in Spokane, Washington.

Meet Julie Collings 

We are thrilled to have Julie Collings join us as our guest teacher for our fall 2019 retreat and consider it a great blessing! 
After working as a teacher for 16 years Julie began feeling a constant pull to create. She started making changes in her life to live more creatively and then one wonderful day she quit teaching school and began working full time as an artist.

Her inspiration comes from rich, dusty color palettes, a hoard of vintage textiles that are worn with stories, and a forest floor overgrown in moss and mushrooms.  She loves the early morning hours before the sun has risen and does her best work tucked away in her studio with a mug of hot tea and her sewing basket in the still hours when no one else is awake and the world is her own.  Julie loves baking with her family~ although they usually have to remove several pans of slowing drying bottle brush trees before the oven is available.
She surrounds herself with the tiny inspiring items she finds and collects.  Her shelves are often laden with broken bluebird shells from the garden, tiny pinecones gathered on a walk along their mountainside, and vintage pastel hats covered with sprays of millinery flowers.

Julie lives in a small town at the base of the Rocky Mountains where she sketches ideas with her kids at the kitchen table, tackles big projects with her husband and the power tools, and wanders in the mountains early in the morning with her dog Veda. She is still working to surround herself with things that bring her joy and to live what she loves to create a haven for her family of artists.