How do I register?

Registration for our Spring 2023 retreat will open  July 1st at 5 pm pacific time zone 

To register, send an email to lightandfireretreat@gmail.com.

Registrations are accepted in the order in which they are received.  If you are registering for you and a friend or friends we only need one email to hold those spaces.

Are payment plans available?

$1,000usd non-refundable deposit is required to secure each seat in the retreat.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payments are able to be made via  Money Order,  or Personal Check. NO CREDIT CARDS 

Where is the closest airport? 

The airport closest to the retreat is the  Pisa or Florence, Italy airport.

Where is Tuscany is the estate?

Tuscany region

Do many women attend alone? Yes, a good amount of women come alone! You will be in good hands, as we all do everything together! You will leave with new forever friendships.

I snore and worry about sharing a room with others.
Guess what? Most people snore! Each attendee will be given earplugs, it's up to them to wear them. How do I know who I will be rooming with?
We make every effort to match attendees as roommates. If you are attending with friends or family, we will room you with whom you signed up with. If you are attending alone, you will get twin bed or shared king size bed . How many beds are in each bedroom?
Each bedroom sleeps 2 guests , depending on the Estate we are at , we some have private suites with bathrooms , some shared bathrooms . No guarantees to what rooms yo get, that's always a big decision for the Hosts ! .. If you paid for a private room, that comes with a private bathroom . also depends on which Villa we are at , all are layed out a little bit different.. We do our best to pick rooms accordingly .

I am gluten free - is this an issue?
No!. Although we cannot cater to special need diets, there is always a good selection to choose from! We will be sure to let our chef know about your dietary needs.

I am scared to fly alone - 
you are not alone ! as the retreat nears we open a Facebook group and you get to meet your group ! .. a lot of women plan flights meeting up with each other en route or once they arrive ! ..

How do I get to the Estate and back to the Airport ?
Great question! we help you arrange that , we have a Limo driver all lined up for you, he gives  you a special rate to pick you up each direction ! .. This also depends on your arrival times, if you arrive late at night and you are his only pick up, it will cost more.. the more people in each pick up time, the better the price is per van.. 

What is the weather like October and May ?

The weather in October and May is usually beautiful; 70 degrees days and 40- 50 -degree evenings are the averages .. We love BOTH Seasons !

Do I need to know anything about jewelry making to take Terri's , Stephanie and Mariolina classes?

No, not at all. Our classes are designed to be completed by students with all levels of Art and jewelry creating experience.

What supplies do I need to bring?

As we near departures- the teachers give you their supply lists of what you need to bring, we will be required to bring a few tools to work !.. 
if you don't show up with tools you really cannot do much of the classes ! and its hard to borrow from others as they need those tools as well.. Typical tools needed are , jewelry plier set, ball peen hammer, wire cutters , needle thread.. etc.. some bring less expensive tools and just leave them behind to lessen their weight in luggage.

The class kits have everything you need to make that project but often require a few extra tools & items from home.. we try to make that list as short as possible !

If I am unable to attend what happens with my space?

As stated in the contract, your space is non-refundable. However, we will do what we can to help you sell your space.