Meet your Teachers for October 2020 Retreat 

Terri Brush 

Terri will be teaching a Jewelry workshop! 

Terri  is an Internationally known artist , a published Artist and Author , teacher and friend. For the past 14 years  Terri has been hauling soldering irons  and torches around the country teaching her personal style and techniques of soldering, she has made a big path in the soldering world.. Terri is quiet, kind and very gracious, no one is a stranger in her classroom !.. She teaches soldering workshops around the world and in the US. Terri is a wonderful patient teacher, she teaches from her heart, holds back nothing, and shares all her knowledge with open arms !. Terri has a wonderful online presence teaching  her classes in her online academy Terri Brush Academy .
Terri has been hosting Art Retreats since 2007 ! Traveling across the United States and in 2014 she started Hosting Retreats  in Italy ! . 

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Stephanie Ackerman 

{Stephanie will be teaching a gorgeous hand stitched bracelet }

Stephanie Ackerman is an ordinary girl living an extraordinary life where she gets to do what she loves for a living. Her purpose is to create, inspire, teach, and encourage others through creative arts. At any given moment she might be praying, doodling, running, baking chocolate chip cookies, doing laundry, trying to match socks, doing more laundry, organizing piles, at the airport or coming home from the airport, stitching, taking a nap or all of the above.

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Mariolina Gasparini

{Mariolina will be teaching a stunning sterling silver jewelry piece}

Hi Im  Mariolina Gasparini,  from  Milan Italy .  I'm a fashion designer, mum, and since 2007 I started to make handcrafted jewelry.
I have always been a creative person, when I was young I learned to knit, crochet, to embroider. During all my life I followed my creative passions, as stencil, decoupage, painting on glass, patchwork, I did fabric dolls & teddy bears.
I wrote some tutorial books in '90 about patchwork and crafts.
Then the love for gemstones and metalwork!
So, in October we will be together and I'll share with you a new project: a leather&silver bracelet.
It's a simple and fun project, we will craft together all pieces as dangles, charms, a toggle clasp for embellishment our leather cord bracelets.
I hope you will like it!
If you like to know something more about me and my work, you're welcome in my socials